3/4" Slip Sling Tee PVC Furniture Grade Fitting - Hinge Joint

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3/4" Slip Tee PVC fittings are used to create hinge-style joints with PVC pipe. These fittings, designed to slip along a PVC pipe, have a socket to connect another PVC pipe of the same size, perpendicularly. The fittings may be used to create doors, stands and other structures that need to move on a 90-degree pivot. Additionally, these fittings do not have any barcodes, embossments or manufacturer markings on their outer surface.

Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC fittings are UV protected, have a smooth, shiny surface. The ends of the fittings are beveled to allow a gradual taper to the pipe surface. This is not a flow through fitting, as the permanent socket has a closed end.

  • Total Pipe Sockets:  Two (2)
  • Socket Angles:  Perpendicular
  • Socket Type:  Slip Style
  • Connection Fit Type:  External Fit
  • Flow-Thru Fitting:  No

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