Specialty PVC fittings refer to non-standard PVC fittings that connect PVC pipe in unique ways that you normally cannot do with plumbing fittings from the hardware store.  Typically used for PVC structures, specialty fittings are an easy way to build quick PVC-pipe based solutions.

The largest form of specialty PVC fittings are Furniture Grade PVC fittings, which can sometimes also be referred to as Structural Grade PVC or Medical Grade PVC.

They work with Plumbing PVC

Most specialty fittings are completely compatible with regular, Schedule 40 PVC plumbing pipe, which is available from almost any hardware store.  The differences are great, as specialty fittings have have added features and configurations, such as additional ports, increased appearance qualities as well as bright colors and other unique traits.

The most common feature is the unique socket configuration found on 3-Way, 4-Way and 5-Way Furniture Grade PVC fittings.  These distinct fittings let you connect PVC pipe at differing angles and methods to allow you to build a structure or application, just like Tinkertoy or K’nex set.

3-Way PVC Specialty Fitting 4-Way PVC Specialty Fitting 5-Way PVC Specialty Fitting Slip Tee PVC Specialty Fitting

Added Accessories

Additionally specialty fittings also include accessories; such as Dome Caps, External Flat Caps, Slip Tees and Table Caps, which add features, such as hinge capabilities, wall mounting and clean pipe termination factors.

Internal PVC Cap PVC Table Cap Internal PVC Coupler Flat PVC End Cap