PVC pipe sizes are given by the "ID" or Internal Diameter of Schedule 40 pipe.

What does this mean?

This means that for a standard, Schedule 40 PVC pipe, the PVC industry uses the measurement of the 'hole' inside the PVC pipe as its size.  This is the measurement, from top-to-bottom of the inside of the PVC pipe.

Too often, people will measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of their PVC pipe and claim this as the PVC pipe size.  This is incorrect, and results in purchasing a size that is much too big for their pipe!  The best way for you to figure out what size PVC pipe you have is the following:

  • Read the manufacturer marks on the side of the pipe. 
  • Measure the OD and ID and compare them to the chart below.
  • Print out our PVC Pipe Dimensions Reference below

Read the Manufacturer Markings

If you purchased your PVC pipe from a hardware store, you can use the markings on the side of the pipe to tell you what size you have.  It will normally indicate the size in decimal or fraction, close to where the manufacturer's name is, such as '1.25' (for 1-1/4") or "3/4" (for 3/4"...obviously).  Use this size when ordering fittings or accessories for your PVC project.

Pipeworks Structural Grade PVC pipe is not marked, so you will need to measure the pipe to determine what size you have.  See below on how to do this.

Measure the OD and ID

You can measure the Outside Diameter (OD) and Inside Diameter (ID) of your PVC pipe to find out what size you have.  Use the table below to find your PVC pipe size.

Please note:  The ID is considered 'average' as it can vary from pipe to pipe and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Use our PVC Pipe Dimensions Reference

You can download our attached PVC Pipe Dimensions Reference document, which will print out full-size profiles of each of our PVC pipe sizes.  Make sure your print settings have 'Scale' set to 100% or 'Actual Size'. You can then:

  • Hold up your pipe to each of the profiles to see what size PVC pipe you have.
  • If you need to determine your fitting size, cut out each profile to see which one fits inside of your PVC fitting.

Download the PVC Pipe Dimensions Reference

You can download our PVC Pipe Dimensions Reference document by clicking the button below: