For years, DIY professionals, makers and inventors have used PVC pipe as an excellent source of structural building material.  It’s cheap, strong, yet flexible for many needs.

Furniture Grade PVC is the next generation of PVC pipe and fitting component.  Designed with strength, UV-resistance and weatherability in mind, Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC is indeed the premier line of PVC pipe and fittings.

Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings are used by many different groups for thousands of different projects.  They are used by craftspersons who need to build a structure for they DIY projects.  Pool aficionados use them to build towel racks and pool equipment for use in the sun, given their UV-resistant properties.  Inventors, Makers and entrepreneurs find a ton of uses for them in their unique inventions and designs.  Even businesses and hospitals use Pipeworks products, due to their unique properties of microbial resistance and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Because Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings are designed for structural use, they are not National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) rated, and therefore should not be used for plumbing or pressurized systems, as these require NSF certification. Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings can however, be used in irrigation applications, such as gardening, sprinkler systems and aquaponics, since they don't mandate the same strict government regulations as plumbing or drain/waste/vent.

You’ll see the term Furniture Grade PVC interchanged with Structural Grade PVC on our product pages, but is also often coined as Medical Grade PVC or Specialty PVC.

Beauty and a professional look.  All of the fittings and caps have a smooth bevel that tapers to the pipe surface, rather than being square and blocky.  They are also available in many different colors, so you can customize your project, display or design.

UV resistant.  Not only does this keep the pipe and fittings from becoming yellow, or having their color fade, it adds to the life of the product, so a project you build with Pipeworks products can last you ten to twenty years, or even longer.