1-1/2" Slip Sling Tee PVC Furniture Grade Fitting - Hinge Joint

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Color: White
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1-1/2" Slip Tee PVC fittings allow you to create hinge-style joints with PVC pipe. The fittings are designed to slide along PVC and fit into another fitting of the same size. By using these fittings, you can create functional furniture and fixtures that require a 90-degree pivot or hinge. These fittings do not have any barcodes, embossments or manufacturer markings on their outer surfaces.

Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC fittings are UV protected, have a smooth, shiny surface. The ends of the fittings are beveled to allow a gradual taper to the pipe surface. This is not a flow through fitting, as the permanent socket has a closed end.

  • Total Pipe Sockets:  Two (2)
  • Socket Angles:  Perpendicular
  • Socket Type:  Slip Style
  • Connection Fit Type:  External Fit
  • Flow-Thru Fitting:  No

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