Dome PVC Furniture Grade Cap - Internal Fit

by Pipeworks
$ 0.99

Dome Caps leave a smooth, domed surface on the end of a Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Dome Caps are designed to fit inside of Schedule 40 PVC pipe, and give the end of a cut PVC pipe a clean, finished look. There are no markings, or barcodes on the caps, so your project looks professionally complete.

Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC caps are UV protected, have a smooth, shiny surface. These caps are ideal for sealing off PVC pipe ends to allow sand or other weighted material to remain in the pipe.

Important: This product will only fit Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

  • Total Pipe Connections:  One (1)
  • End Cap Style:  Domed
  • End Cap Fit:  Internal Fit
  • Connection Type:  Slip Style, PVC cement recommended
  • Available PVC Sizes:  1/2" through 1-1/2"

PVC Pipe Actual Size Chart

Cap Color Availability Chart