45 Ell PVC Furniture Grade Fitting - 45 Degree Angle

by Pipeworks
$ 1.79

45 Degree Ell PVC fittings create 45-degree angles between two pieces of PVC pipe. The fittings join PVC pipe at two points to create 45 degree connection angles. 45 Degree fittings are normally used to connect PVC and redirect them in acute angle directions. These fittings do not have any barcodes, embossments or manufacturer markings on their outer surface.

Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC fittings are UV protected, have a smooth, shiny surface. The ends of the fittings are beveled to allow a gradual taper to the pipe surface. These fittings are flow-through fittings to allow passage of cables, wiring or non-pressurized fluid.

  • Total Pipe Sockets:  Two (2)
  • Socket Angles:  45 Degrees
  • Socket Type:  Slip Style
  • Connection Fit Type:  External Fit
  • Flow-Thru Fitting:  Yes
  • Available PVC Sizes:  1/2" through 1-1/2"

PVC Pipe Actual Size Chart

Fitting Color Availability Chart